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Personnel Administration
This module keeps information on all employees of the organization and can be used independently or integrated with other modules of the Buxis set of solutions for the integrated management of human capital.
Some of its features are: keeping of employee master registry, tools that offer the possibility for the user to extend the model and the information of functional files,...
Buxis is a team of specialized professionals in Information Technology, Intellectual Capital, Human Capital and Knowledge Management. All the members of this team, including our strategic partners share the same philosophy.
Buxis is a Latin American company with a presence in over 10 countries, specialized in providing knowledge, methodologies and software technology solutions to leading companies, in order to guide and operate on the intellectual and human capital of organizations.
Organizational Management
This module is the cornerstone of human capital planning in the organization; it is the starting point for modeling and planning the structure, organizing processes and incorporating the model of skills associated with the organization and each unit.
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